Apply to the RAD School

The RAD School in Park Slope and Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, is accepting new students for the 2014-2015 school year.  Our current students will be 7-10 and 4-5years old during the upcoming year.

As a homeschooling collective we join together to provide a complete educational environment that includes the support of trained teachers, parent involvement, a classroom space, and the best possible small group environment for our children. 

How the School Works

Costs at the RAD school are kept very low.  We work with professionally trained teachers to support the parents and we keep the class size small - typically 10 children at the most. Each student benefits from the attention and involvement that only a small one-room cottage school can provide. 

The families that work best with our group are engaged, honest, committed to the alternative schooling concept, and willing to work as a team to build a strong core that supports the children, the other families, and the school objectives.

Applying to RAD
If you are interested in applying or just learning more about the RAD school, fill out the form at the bottom or drop us a line at

Please include a short description of what attracted you to the alternative schooling approach, the age(s) of your children, and a brief description of your family.

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you!


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